About Us

Great Value is one of the catering brands under Beyond Better Group. We specialize in affordable catering for all kinds of event.


– Great Value Catering Mission

We don’t cut corner in food quality. Instead, we leverage the following to achieve affordability:

  1. Economy of scale: Each week we serve thousands of guests which allow us to purchase from supplier at a much lower cost
  2. Disposable aluminium tray: Instead of traditional chaffing dish, we encourage the customer to go for disposable aluminium tray. Unlike chaffing dish, this kind of setup takes much lesser time thus save us labour cost. In return, the customer can save in delivery cost.
  3. Big Data: Being part of Beyond Better Group allows us to have the technology to track our daily operation and make data driven decision making.
  4. Scalable menu: We focus on the menu that can prepare in scale. For example fried mee hoon, curry chicken and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not give Great Value Catering a try!